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Hunter Testimonials

We Would Like To Share Some Of Our Hunter Testimonials

As you visit web sites of different hunting outfits, you will hear many claims and they will all sound great.  It is one thing for us at Wyoming Expeditions, to make claims about our elk hunting and the wilderness adventure we offer in Wyoming.  It is another thing to read what our elk hunters experienced while elk hunting in Wyoming near Yellowstone.  On this page, you will read what our hunters actually had to say.  They are all in our magazine and if you don’t have one yet, click here , and we will send one to you.  Bottom line, most likely, you are looking for an outfitter that has a great hunting area and one that you can rely upon.  Hopefully, by reading what our 2007 hunters had to say, we will start to earn your trust.

 Steve of Georgia
Morning - My guide was TJ.  We went to the area my guide wanted to hunt and within 10 minutes, we had a bull bugling up in the timber. TJ and the bull were calling back and forth when the bull appeared about 35 yards from us in an open meadow. The bull was either a 5x5 or a smaller 6x6. TJ advised me not to shoot. The bull was staring right at us and kept calling and stomping its feet. This lasted several minutes and finally the bull trotted back into the timber. 
We walked a few hundred yards and saw a good elk way up on a ridge. TJ and I went racing up the mountain to get a better look. After a while, I felt like I was shot in the lungs. I could not breathe. TJ went ahead and I was able to stay about 30 yards behind him.  We crawled the last 30 yards and got behind a 3 foot rock. TJ used the range finder and said that the bull was huge. He told me that I had to shoot quick or we might not see him again. As the bull stepped away from a tree, I shot. TJ said that I hit him but needed to keep shooting until he was down. I know I missed on my 2nd shot but I was able to get a good 3rd and 4th shot. The bull disappeared into the timber and I didn’t know what to expect. About 10 minutes later, the bull appeared again and TJ told me to shoot again. I did and this time we could hear the bull crash through some trees. TJ went ahead and looked for my bull as I stayed put to see if another shot was necessary. TJ had to go through a gorge to get to him and go up a steep mountain. After about 20 minutes he yelled for me to bring my knife and camera. I was so pumped up because this was my first elk. I finally got to TJ and he said that I had just killed a bull of a lifetime, it has been an experience of a lifetime. TJ said that he has been hunting 14 years and that he has only killed two bigger. My two friends who are hunting with me, one killed a really nice 6x6 on the next day and the other friend killed a really nice 6x6 the following day.  It was a great week!

 Sid Evans 
Former Editor-in-Chief, Field & Stream
I contacted Wyoming Expeditions because I wanted to do an old-fashioned horse-pack elk hunt deep in the wilderness, and that's exactly what I got. Beyond that it was without a doubt the most exciting hunt I've ever been on. I had hoped to have one or two close encounters with big bulls over the course of a week, but we had them almost every day. When the time came to make a shot, I missed a nice bull at about 40 yards with my bow, a shot I've been replaying in my head ever since. But every day was an intense hunting experience, with elk bugling in the mornings, bulls toying with us at 80 or 100 yards, and plenty of heart attack moments where we almost  closed the deal. It didn't hurt that the guides were such pros, that the food was great, or that the camp was in such a spectacular spot. Needless to say, I'm going back.

 Mike S. of Wyoming
Dear Jeff and crew,
As a lifelong resident of Wyoming, I have enjoyed hunting elk in many spots around the state. Wyoming has a lot of diversity when it comes to geography that might hold elk. From snow capped, timbered mountains, to sagebrush plains, to out and out sand dune desert, elk can adapt and be blast to chase anywhere. The dream hunt for many of us, though, is deep in the wilderness. As a foot hunter, I have only been able (realistically) to hunt the fringes of these great areas. 
In 2007, after not drawing a limited quota tag-again-I contacted Jeff and Colby about an outfitted hunt in what is one of the last great wilderness areas in the lower 48, the Thorofare. Their Wyoming Expeditions camp is located right on Thorofare Creek, 20 plus horse or mule miles from the nearest trailhead. 
Even though I have some riding experience, I have to admit that the first few hours of our ride in had me puckered up. The narrow trails and steep canyon walls actually had me looking for places to bail. After a couple days on their sure-footed mules, though, I became more confident, and enjoyed the ride. 
The first morning Colby and I rode up to a spot with incredible views. We spotted several elk almost immediately, with a small bull and several cows being close to us. Colby bugled back at a bull in the timber below, getting him to answer, but he was moving away. We glassed for a while and located several bunches of elk, one with several nice bulls.
Colby says he is all about the plan, and he had a good one. The next morning found us climbing to and then stalking to within 200 yards of a mixed group of cows, calves, and bulls. With the sun just coming up, and bulls bugling at each other, the scene was an elk hunter's fantasy.
Finally, a nice bull cleared the timber, and stood bugling and posing for the cows. This was all I could handle, and I put one in him. At the shot, the bull fell right on his head and rolled down the steep slope. Colby made quick work of quartering and caping the bull, We then slid the meat and head down the slope and over a couple of small ridges, trying get some distance from the carcass, and get to a spot where the pack mules could be loaded. 
Too quick my hunt was over, and several days later we packed back out to the trailhead.  This hunt will always be remembered by me as a great adventure, with a more than capable cowboy/guide (Colby),a great camp cook (Paul), and a hard-working wrangler (Jess).
Hopefully some day I can do it again.

 Paul Z. of Wyoming
Thanks for the great October hunt on the Thorofare. In forty years of elk hunting in Wyoming, I have never had a better time!  Your great guides, great camp and great food made for a fantastic experience.  The trip over Deer Creek Pass was unforgettable.  I am attaching a pic of the  six point I shot just above camp. Keep up the good work.  Good hunting.

 Mark S. of South Carolina
I don’t even know where to start. The excitement started in the very beginning as we pulled up to the trailhead and seeing the horses. Everybody was getting ready to hit the trail. The ride in was spectacular and exciting. The views were so panoramic and phenomenal. We arrived at camp for a great meal. That set the stage for even better meals as the week went on. I never realized how much work it took to accommodate the hunters. Jeff and his crew were at every need to provide a great hunt. 
All through the hunt, every day was filled with excitement as far as views, elk, all the other animals, and enjoying time with my guide. I was overwhelmed with my hunt. It is a great value for everything that you get. Anyone that is looking for a recommendation for your hunt can call me.  Everyone was so accommodating in camp. Bill (my guide) worked so hard as my guide and Colby did a great job as well as did the rest of the crew. Bill never got discouraged guiding me as I passed on several bulls that were smaller than what I was looking for.

 Mike M. of Georgia
Hi Jeff
I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that our elk hunt was more than just an elk hunt it was a TRUE ADVENTURE. From the first day arriving in Cody and until the last day we left the Irma parking lot and every day in between. I felt like I was living on the edge of excitement.  To me on the first day at the trail head leading into the mountains was an experience that I will never forget.  Riding on the edge of the mountains trusting my favorite horse “Larry” to be sure footed still makes me sit back on a slow day at work and smile with my memories of that trip into camp. 
From the first day in camp until the last day of my hunt I felt like a kid at an amusement park. I would like to say that I would recommend Wyoming Expeditions to anyone of my friends hoping that they would invite me to go along with them.  I would also advise them to get in shape because the better shape you are in the better time you will have. 

 Larry C. of Wyoming
Awesome !!!  That pretty much describes how I felt when riding into the most remote place in the lower 48.  Awed, and somewhat humbled by the time we got back to the trail head a week later.  If you want an adventure of a lifetime this is the place. I whole heartedly recommend you try it. The camp and crew were excellent, the country was fabulous and the weather on the late hunt can test your resolve. I ended up getting a good bull on the last day of the hunt and if I hadn’t of I would still rate this as a great adventure worthy of telling and re-telling many times.

We have more in our magazine including a day to day journal from two of our hunters.  I would love to mail one to you, just sign up by clicking here .

If you have read this far into our web site, and you have any questions, please give me a call.  I am Jeff and my telephone number is 678-953-2026 .
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