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Summer Pack Trips

Summer Pack Trips: Fishing, Horseback Riding, & Wolf and Grizzly Expeditions
Wyoming Expeditions
Millions of acres surrounding Yellowstone National Park and the park itself are wilderness - meaning primitive areas without roads or any modern improvements. These areas can only be accessed by hiking in or riding horses and mules. Being in this wilderness is like stepping back in time: no electricity, no generators, no cell phone towers, no concrete jungle. The scenery is beautiful, rugged mountains with crystal clear creeks. In these areas, elk, big horn sheep, mule deer, grizzly bears, and, occasionally, a wolf or a moose may be spotted. 
Thorofare Outfitters, takes guests to these remote, wilderness areas. The Shoshone and Bridger-Teton National Forest is where you will experience summer pack trips and fishing trips. You can get away from it all with Wyoming Expeditions! See the back country the way Theodore Roosevelt saw it 110 years ago. We have all of the horses, mules, tack, tents, guide, and cook. On larger trips, we will also have a wrangler available. Wyoming Expeditions has several trips to offer. Families with children usually go on our Progressive Pack Trips. For those seeking danger and adrenalin, we have our Wolf and Grizzly Bear Expeditions. 

Thorofare Outfitters’ base of operations is Cody, WY. The airport code for Cody is COD. Delta connects through Salt Lake City and United connects through Denver.

Progressive Pack Trips

On this pack trip, we will leave Cody, WY, and drive about an hour down the Southfork Road. This road ends up in a beautiful valley at the Deer Creek trailhead. Here, you will meet the horse or mule that will take you into some of the most beautiful country in the West. After traveling along Deer Creek for about 5 hours, we will cross Deer Creek Pass. This is about 10,400 feet above sea level. At the pass, we will leave the Washakie Wilderness of the Shoshone National Forest and enter the Teton Wilderness of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Butte Creek is then followed down to Thorofare Creek which flows into the Yellowstone River. At this picturesque valley, we will set camp. The next day will be spent exploring areas around camp, resting the stock, and fishing. Every other day, we will move camp, fish, and explore a new location. We will end this trip at the Turpin Meadows trailhead where it’s a short drive to Jackson. This is the most physical of all our trips with up to 8 hours of riding and walking on the travel days. The odds of seeing grizzly bear and elk are very high. There is also a good chance of hearing wolves in the evenings, night, or early morning. This trip is an 8 to 10 day trip.

Wolf and Grizzly Expeditions

Are you ready for adventure? Here we go, deep into grizzly and wolf country. We will pack in on horseback (and mules) into the remote wilderness and explore for wolves and grizzly bears. Depending on the season will determine where we go, what we do, and how we do it. Many times, we will ride up high, near tree line in the early morning, and glass for these endangered species. There are good odds of seeing a grizzly. Sometimes, we hear the wolves howling in the evening and at night. There is a remote chance of seeing a wolf, “ghost of the forest”. If you are looking for a unique summer vacation, this is the one. It will be full of adventure with an element of danger.

Fishing Trips

On our fishing trips, we will pack in on horseback into wilderness areas. Many of these trips that we offer are a short 2 to 4 hours of riding. These trips are Monday through Friday so that our guests can travel on the weekend. Fish mountain creeks for Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats, and Brook trout. No cars, no trucks, just true peace and quiet. These areas do not get fished that often and fishing is fantastic. August is a great time for fishing in the mountains.

Family trips

These pack-in trips are coordinated with your family in mind. If you have children that have never ridden before, we have horses and mules that are as gentle as they come. Our family trips are normally designed with easy rides and only a few hours long. We will go into the mountains on the gentle trails. Let us know in advance how you want to travel in a day and what you want to do. Wyoming Expeditions will design the trip just for you.

On All Of Our Summer Pack Trips:
We Provide:                         
Horses and mules                    
Foam pads                        
Cook who prepares breakfast, lunch & dinner    
(On larger trips, a wrangler)
You Need To Bring:
Sleeping Bag
Fishing Equipment
There are no extra costs for your back country adventure with Thorofare Outfitters. However, there are other expenses that you need to be aware of that Thorofare Outftiters does not provide.

To book a Wyoming Pack Trip, Call Terry at (307) 250-7551. He can answer your questions, and at that time we can discuss trip dates and availability. We normally only book one trip at a time and first come, first served, so call early to reserve your trip. At Thorofare Outfitters, we are ready to show our clients beautiful country with seasoned stock and great service!

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