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Below you will find detailed information on how to secure your hunting license.  You may also contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to serving you this hunting season.
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The State of Wyoming does a great job of managing its wildlife and that is why the hunting is so good. In order for this to happen, they limit hunting and divide the state into many different areas. An elk hunting license may only be good in one small part of the state. This can get complicated in filling out the license application so, please call if you have any questions.
Wyoming Game and Fish use a lottery system for issuing elk hunting licenses. They accept applications in the month of January. In January, we will contact all of the hunters that have reservations with us for the fall of that year and we will help at that time.

Wyoming Game and Fish uses a lottery system for issuing elk hunting licenses. They accept applications from January 1 to January 31. In January, we contact all of the hunters that have booked reservations with us for the fall of that year in order to assist with filling out the application.

There are two ways to put in your application to Wyoming Game and Fish. One is their online application and the other is the paper application. In the past few years, we have gotten away from the paper application. The online process works great. It take about 15 minutes for me to talk our hunters through the process. When finished, they simply print their receipt, fax it, or scan it and email to my office. 

License Costs:
Special Elk License: $1057.00
Application Fee: $14.00
Preference Point: $50.00
Total: $1121.00
The nonresident special elk hunting license is now $1057.00 plus an application fee of $14.00 plus $50.00 for a preference point which brings the total amount to $1121.00. If you draw a license in the lottery, you will be refunded $50.00 for the preference point. If you do not draw a license, you will be refunded $1057.00 and you will have a preference point going into the draw for the next year. Just remember, we will walk all of the hunters through this process in January.

In the months of July, August and September, hunters should go to the Wyoming Game and Fish web site at and purchase a preference point. A Preference Point costs $50 and helps increase your odds of drawing an elk tag.  and purchase a preference point. Preference points greatly help drawing an elk tag.

* If you have any questions about securing a Wyoming Elk License, just
call Jeff at 678-953-2026.
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